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We are the UK partner for Interel, a company renowned for the manufacture of a high-end GRMS for the management of the lighting, temperature, housekeeping, water usage, etc, within hotel bedrooms in an automated, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner. Apart from the obvious benefits achieved by better management of resources, the financial gains are enhanced by the consequent need for reduced plumbing and cabling within each bedroom. Although the need for a degree of cabling within the bedrooms inevitably remains, delivering the service to the rooms can now be achieved either by hard-wiring (for ‘new builds’ or hotels undergoing extensive refurbishment) or by WiFi, where work outside the bedrooms needs to be kept to a minimum.

GRMS Diagram
GRMS In Situ

glass ‘touch’ panels

The solution is based around fully-customisable glass ‘touch’ panels (often with integral mains power and/or USB sockets) or can be installed as a hybrid solution, combining the glass panels with more conventional mechanical switches.

GRMS Products

notable benefits

  • 30% less cable within each room
  • Up to 40% energy savings
  • Higher satisfaction levels make guests more inclined to return
  • Operational efficiency makes human intervention (and error) redundant


The system also integrates with many established hotel packages, offering an enhanced experience for the guest whilst also maximising efficiency for the customer: