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fibre optic, telephony, structured cabling and civil engineering

Located in the heart of the prestigious suburb of Highgate in North London, Highgate School caters for pupils between the ages of 4 and 18 across what is a large campus site, with the Pre-Preparatory and Junior schools being some 600 metres away from the main Senior school.

Our initial involvement in 2000 centred on the installation of a Molex Category 5e structured cabling scheme (with 20-year warranty) throughout 26 buildings, many being a real challenge due to their age and architecture. To incorporate the entire site within the new network, our proposal included extensive underground ducting to link all buildings together, including several public-road crossings, which required us to obtain road-opening licences from the local authority and utility companies. Fibre optic OM2 backbones were also required to support Ethernet and high-resolution CCTV solutions, plus these links also enabled the Senior and Junior schools to cease their PSTN telephony and leased lines, thus dramatically improving the customer’s return on investment as well as facilitating a very IT-focused learning environment.

as part of the original project...

We also installed multi-core telephony distribution cabling around the entire campus, plus Ethernet hardware to deliver 10/100 Mbps performance to the users’ desks for both administration and academic networks.

During the years since our initial involvement, we have been frequently engaged by the school, almost on an annual basis, to undertake several further projects.

the most significant being: