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fibre optic, telephony and structured cabling

In 2004, we completed the initial IT cabling refresh at Ardingly College, which consisted of a significant number of new OM2 fibre optic and copper telephony backbones across the site, serving more than 50 new IT cabinets throughout the campus, coupled with Category 5e structured cabling within more than 35 buildings. We have been supporting Ardingly College ever since then and can be found working there on successive projects during virtually every school holiday period, the more significant of which are described below.

In 2012, the college decided to build a new boarding house, called Godwin Hall, within which we were invited to install a Molex PN Category 6 structured cabling solution throughout the building.

in more recent years...

Due to the ever-increasing demands on the existing network from both academic staff and students, especially with respect to coverage and bandwidth, we have in recent years been progressively installing new infrastructure to better support their WiFi network and upgrading their fibre optic network to OM4, so they can deliver 10Gb links to their core buildings.

another recent project...

We were asked to undertake the cabling for the new access control system across the site, covering approximately 50 doors. In addition to the network cabling for the IP feeds to the control boxes, we were also asked to complete the various cabling elements for each door – keypad, magnetic lock, break-glass, push-to-exit. This project came to us as a direct result of the reputation we have established throughout the college for being sympathetic to the needs of the staff and students whilst installing any cabling and always seeking (and invariably finding) the most discreet ways to route cables around and within what are mostly old stone buildings.